The YMI aims to explore how children and youth experience meaning in their lives.

Drivers of Meaning YMI

Why the YMI?

Young people around the world are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. Additionally, recent research indicates a growing trend among youth toward conscious living, with an increasing number actively seeking value systems that provides meaning. 

Given the mental health crisis among youth and the research demonstrating the links between meaningfulness and conscious living, we believe that the YMI will be a powerful tool for policy makers to help young people increase meaning in their lives.

In developing the YMI we aim to understand: 

  • What are the drivers of meaningfulness in young people?
  • What impact does meaningfulness have on educational and other socio-development outcomes?
  • What role does meaning in life play in development more broadly?
  • How is meaningfulness experienced by children across different countries and cultures, and across different socio-economic groups?
  • How can education prepare young people for leading a meaningful life?
  • What role can educators play in encouraging and supporting meaning?