Youth Advisory Council

The YMI Youth Council, established by YEP-Stimme der Jugend, an organization committed to involving young people in political decision-making processes in Austria, is an international platform for youth engagement and empowerment. 

With 13 members spanning Austria, Cyprus, Peru, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt, Uganda, Morocco, Kenya, and Nigeria, aged between 15 and 18, the YMI Youth Council embodies inclusivity on a global scale. 

It’s a collaborative space where ideas are shared, decisions are made, and voices are heard. The Youth Council consists of diverse members representing various genders including female, male, and non-binary individuals. Additionally, our group comprises both working young professionals and students, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences.

The role of the YAC is to help create the YMI by coming together and sharing ideas, providing feedback, supporting on decision-making processes, and speaking up for what’s important to them. The YAC will be involved in the different stages of the project, including the co-creation of the YMI tool, interpretation of YMI results, and the development of recommendations for the formulation of public policies.

The YAC supports the YMI Team in:

  • Providing feedback to the YMI
  • Disseminating the YMI in their networks
  • Helping make decisions
  • Making sure youth voices are heard

Before engaging in the YMI, members of the YAC took part in two empowerment training sessions, enriching their skills and knowledge. They learn how to use their voices and that their opinions count.