Advisory Council

The advisory council is a group of experts that provides guidance during the different steps of the development of the YMI.

It is composed by academics and practitioners experts in the field of meaningfulness in children, positive psychology, child education policy, and qualitative analysis.

Members from the advisory council are from different countries in the world including Algeria, Denmark, India, Israel, Norway, and the United States.


Siri Abrahamsen

Siri Abrahamsen is a passionate social entrepreneur working for human connection, belonging, and well-being.
Her unwavering commitment to creating a better world has proven results, as evidenced by the growth of Gleding, her family and educational concept that has spread across Norway. Over the past few decades, Siri has pursued studies in psychology, philosophy, sociology, and empathy.
As a bestselling author and professional speaker; she draws upon her expertise to empower individuals, families, schools and organizations to effect meaningful change. Siri resides in Norway and the UK with her family, including her three children.

“The purpose of education should be to give children days filled with meaning, connection and contribution – the best tools for a long and healthy life. The YMI will help us make this a reality.”

Pninit Russo-Netzer

Dr. Pninit Russo-Netzer, Ph.d., is a senior lecturer and researcher, the Head of the Education Department and the Head of the Resilience and Optimal Development Lab at Achva Academic College. She is also the head of the ‘Compass’ Institute for the Study and Application of Meaning in life, and the founder and head of the Academic Training Program for Logotherapy (meaning-oriented psychotherapy) at Tel-Aviv University. She has published numerous academic articles and chapters and is the co-author and co-editor of books on the topics of meaning in life, positive psychology, existential psychology, positive change and growth. Dr. Russo-Netzer serves as academic advisor and consultant to both academic and non-academic institutions worldwide, including the World Trade Center (WTCHR). She is also the recipient of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) Spirituality and Meaning Researcher Award.

“YMI provides a multidimensional, comprehensive, and culturally nuanced measure to map and explore the subjective experiences of children and youth in their sources of meaning in life. This is essential given the increasing mental health challenges in today’s uncertain and volatile world.”

Dr. Shruti Patil

Dr. Shruti Patil is an enthusiastic academician and an avid researcher . She has been an industry professional in the past, currently associated with Symbiosis Institute of Technology as an Associate Professor and with SCAAI as a research associate. She has expertise in applying innovative technology solutions to real world problems. Her research areas include applied artificial intelligence, natural language processing, acoustic AI, adversarial machine learning, data privacy, digital twin applications, GANS, multimodal data analysis.

“YMI is a very unique project which is focusing on understanding the meaningfulness quotient among the individuals which is one of the most important life skills in the 21st century! The YMI is leading the path of understanding the real essence of life with technology handholding.”