The Youth Meaningfulness Index (YMI) was established based on the foundational belief that all human beings have the right to live a meaningful life. Everyone – regardless of gender, age, religion, or race – possesses human potential. This potential can be realized through living a life filled with dignity and hope.

The YMI aims to unlock the full potential of youth worldwide by creating preconditions for children to feel as much meaning in their lives as possible. This will be done through the development of an index allowing for the measurement of meaning amongst youth. The initial focus of the index will be on understudied populations – including those under the age of 14 – and insights derived from the index will be utilized to advocate for policy improvements at school, municipality, regional, country, and global levels. The YMI has no owner but was created based on a dream of a dedicated team of individuals wanting to support the flourishing of youth worldwide. This means that only by bringing together people with similar ambitions related to the wellbeing of future generations will it be brought to life. However, to protect the foundational notion of the YMI, every individual or entity affiliated with it should strongly believe in the undeniable potential of all human beings and should be fully aligned with the following principles:

Inclusivity and Equality

We fully recognize the unique value each person brings. The YMI aims to amplify the voices of all, ensuring their perspectives are central to our
understanding of meaningfulness.

Unbiased Engagement

We maintain a stance of neutrality regarding political affiliations and agendas, racial identities, religious beliefs, or tribal affiliations. The YMI operates independently of specific affiliations or agendas. We are committed solely to the promotion of knowledge and understanding in the domain of youth meaningfulness, without being influenced by biases or engagements. This applies to internal and external communications about the YMI.

Ethical Conduct and Integrity

We adhere to the highest ethical standards, upholding principles of integrity, transparency, and respect in all interactions with all individuals.

Global Collaboration

We welcome collaboration with all individuals, organizations, and communities across borders. By fostering cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation, we aim to generate insights that resonate across diverse contexts and cultures.

Universal Access and Open Data

All data and insights generated by the YMI will be made freely accessible to the public, ensuring access to all. Any products or outcomes of the study, if licensed, will be under open-source and Creative Commons licenses to encourage widespread use and dissemination.

Through the dedication of every individual affiliated with the YMI to these founding principles, the YMI aspires to contribute meaningfully to the realization of a world where every young person has the opportunity to lead a meaningful life.